In a very competitive environment, organizations must significantly improve their operations in order to keep customers happy and maximize their financial performance. Studies confirm that most dissatisfied customers don’t complain to their mobile operator or device provider, even when they experience constantly negative experience. Dissatisfied customers tend to spend less, spread news about their negative experience to other consumers, and eventually churn. Without getting any direct complaints, companies are blind-sided about the problems until customers leave.

Future Decoded created a platform - Smartalytics - that provides contextual insights into how customers interact with their mobile devices, from usage parameters to application and perceived network coverage.

Smartalytics empowers organizations with “outside-in” practical information that is sourced directly from mobile devices. Device-side information provides the only objective view of how handsets perform on the network, on a day-to-day basis in the hands of customers.

Our integrated approach ensures that all underlying data is well-understood, efficiently sourced and managed to maximize the accuracy and value of insights.

Smartalytics is built on Big Data technologies and a distributed computing platform that centrally organizes requests and continually monitors mobile devices to identify how subscribers are actually experiencing the performance of their mobile products and services.

Big Data Analysis

Aggregates, normalizes, and enriches information across millions of devices to uncover customer experiences, statistics, and trends.


Compares the performance of a device vis-a-vis the entire device population to identify performance problems, whether in the devices or in the network.

Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms learn from big data to identify macro patterns, diagnose problems, and isolate outliers.