Mobile operators

Optimize network coverage

Customers perceive network performance and quality of service directly from their mobile devices, where customer experience must be quantified. Smartalytics platform deliver insights on customer experience and network coverage using device-sourced analytics.

By using Smartalytics, mobile operators will get a better understanding of mobile subscribers experience over time, location and technology and will take corrective measures where needed while optimizing network investments.

Deliver off-network insights

Mobile operators have many options for meeting growing mobile data usage demand. Of these options, Wi-­Fi offers the highest bandwidth that can accommodate growing media streaming usage. To maximize the impact of network investment that support data usage demand, operators need information about their subscribers’ Wi­Fi usage. Smartalytics insights support operators:

  • Know how much mobile data traffic is currently being offloaded to Wi-Fi networks
  • Identify populations of customers that could use Wi-Fi, but who are not using it
  • Measure the difference in usage behavior when customers are in network versus using Wi-Fi.

Optimize commercial value proposition

Consumers are more likely to pay a premium for mobile devices with cutting edge features or to recommend a provider which is constantly improving assortment with innovative products and services. New product planning is a critical competency that must keep up with shifting consumer interests and shortening product life cycles.

Traditional market research tools such as focus groups, test campaigns and surveys are less valuable in today’s competitive marketplace. Smartalytics tracks precise facts and measures actual usage and behavior. Organizations gain access to actionable insights about the adoption rate and usage profile of new features, allowing them to optimize the features being offered and consequently the product lines.

Understand customer behavior

Customer Experience drives customer loyalty and builds brand equity. Metrics sourced from actual devices in the field provide far more accurate insights than what might be obtained from network data, drive-testing or research sources.  Smartalytics provides operators with the necessary insights to deliver the best possible mobile experience to their consumers as it delivers contextual insights into how customers interact with mobile devices, from application and device usage to perceived network performance.

Our platform empowers operators to act fast and to make evidence-based business decisions that drives increased customer satisfaction while improving financial performance.