Device manufacturers

Improve product development

Consumers are more likely to pay a premium price for mobile devices with cutting edge features or stay loyal to a reliable brand and device vendors are constantly competing to deliver the best value for money products that differentiate and grow market share.

New product planning and components sourcing are critical competencies that must keep up with shifting consumer interests and shortening product life cycles.

Smartalytics system tracks precise facts and measures actual usage and behavior. Device vendors gain access to actionable insights about the adoption rate and usage profile of new features, allowing them to optimize the features being offered.

Quick-cycle Feature Planning. Device usage analytics identify actual usage of new features, allowing device vendors to refine and optimize device capabilities.

Optimize device bill of materials . Measurement of actual device usage supports business decisions on reducing costs or investing in bill of material components.

Manage performance over time

Staying ahead of the curve. Mobile device vendors compete in a rapidly-evolving marketplace. To keep track of key consumer trends, device vendors must continually understand how their consumers actually experience device performance. Armed with this information, they can drive better business decisions to improve agility in their operations.

Leverage in component procurement. Using Smartalytics, device vendors can track the quality and performance characteristics of specific components that affect the user experience, thus allowing more control over their supply chain and better sourcing decisions.

Measure key performance metrics. With Smaratalytics advanced analytics, device vendors will be able to monitor different metrics that impact user experience, including: battery drain, software crashes, memory usage and other critical quality measures.

Drive customer experience

Customer Experience drives customer loyalty, builds brand equity and enable superior financial performance. Metrics sourced from devices in the field provide far more accurate insights than what might be obtained from service statistics, focus groups or other research sources.

Using Smartalytics platform, device vendors can obtain complete and near real-time visibility into the user experience across millions of devices.

Key application areas:

  • Drive Customer Loyalty by packaging / offering key apps with mobile devices.
  • Tune device performance by understanding real-world mobile app usage behaviors.

Optimize channel distribution

With Smartalytics platform, device vendors gain access to near-real time and accurate information related to the status of device shipments allowing visibility of the actual performance of their supply chain.

Key application areas:

  • Optimize inventory through different channels by relying on activation data rather than only reports from distributors.
  • Improve channel efficiency by identifying channel bottlenecks where devices may be stuck.
  • Increase production planning efficiency: prioritize specific models based on activation data.
  • Enhance marketing promotions by measuring the effectiveness of campaigns through actual device sales and usage.
  • Drive sales by accelerating channel delivery into regions where demand is strongest